Environmental Impact

Environmental sustainability is not just about the conservation of our resources, but being able to share a legacy for future generations. What we do now in reducing our environmental footprint will have a direct impact on the world we leave for our children. We all have a responsibility in reducing our carbon footprint and being mindful of the energy and materials we use.  

At Kaori, we contribute to our world by taking part in green energy technologies and making them more efficient.  We believe in the efficient use of high-grade materials and making quality products that last.  We design relatively small but highly efficient thermal solutions that require less material to manufacture, use less working fluids, and require less energy to operate; all resulting in a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional shell and tube heat exchangers. 

In support of environmental sustainability, Kaori has cultivated a company culture of conscious use of energy.  Not only do we manufacture high quality thermal solutions, we also encourage all employees to be aware of their own energy consumption as well as local and global environmental issues.  Together, we work hand-in-hand in becoming more energy efficient and protecting our environment.