Why Choose Kaori

Why Choose Kaori

High-quality Solutions

Excellence is a habitual pursuit. We select high grade stainless steel materials combined with our manufacturing expertise to produce our BPHEs. Kaori products are inspected at every stage of production and every unit is pressure tested before it is shipped. Kaori is ISO 9001 certified, as well as KHK, CE, and UL approved. Find out more about our Quality Assurance.

Competitive Solutions

Research and innovation is top priority for us. We work relentless at developing new technologies to improve product performance as well as making them more affordable for our customers. While quality comes at a price, Kaori commits itself to maintaining high quality standards while keeping our products cost competitive.

Dependable Solutions

Kaori takes pride in its long tradition of manufacturing high quality products. For more than twenty years, our engineers, sales team, and production personnel has teamed together to provide high performance BPHEs for our customers around the world.
Today, Kaori's BPHEs are used in over 60 countries worldwide in a variety of applications. Our reputation for quality and service continue to carry our products further abroad. Our customers choose Kaori because we are dependable in our quality and our service.

Customized Solutions

Kaori is dedicated to providing customizable solutions for your needs. Kaori manufactures BPHEs for use in air-conditioning, heating, industry, district energy, and residential heating. Within each segment we tailor our products to best fit your needs and working conditions. We even manufacture our own connectors so that you can install your new Kaori BPHE with ease.