About Kaori

About Kaori

KAORI Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Since its establishment in 1970, Kaori has been pursuing cutting edge thermal technology and manufacturing world class products. Kaori’s founder, H.S. Hans, was a college professor in Taiwan who after receiving his graduate education in Germany decided to return to Taiwan with German thermal technology to help shape the industrial infrastructure of Taiwan. Heavily influenced by his upbringing in Japanese schooling and technical education in Germany emphasizing organization, efficiency, and technology; Hans has cultivated a remarkable company culture that values innovation, quality, responsibility, and honor. Today, the values of Kaori can be seen in the character of its people, the virtue of its service, and the mark of its products.

Kaori founded the Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) Division in 1994 to provide energy efficient solutions for HVAC, refrigeration, cooling, heating, heat recovery, green energy, and other industries. By building upon Kaori's prior experience in brazing technology for equipment and automotive manufacturers, and maintaining a culture of customer-oriented product development and service, Kaori's BPHEs quickly became dependable well-known product. Kaori is the only manufacturer of BPHEs in Taiwan and has become one of the leading BPHE manufacturers in the world.


Kaori has come a long way since its inception in 1970, and is becoming a leading heat transfer solutions provider. In recent years, having been recognized for its superior brazing expertise, innovative heat transfer technology, high quality standards, and coordinated manufacturing facility, Kaori has partnered with several well-known companies to develop and manufacture heat transfer components for green energy systems. In our efforts to protect the environment for future generations, Kaori continues to invest in research, develop the latest thermal technologies, and manufacture quality cost-effective energy saving products for businesses around the world.