Air Drying

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Kaori’s Refrigerated Air Dryer brazed plate heat exchanger is a first in the industry with innovative design for compressed air drying. It combines a pre-cooler, evaporator, and separator in a compact unit while providing high thermal transfer performance with low pressure drop.  The patented separator design dehumidifies compressed air and eliminates the need for a demister to avoid clogging problems.  Kaori’s unique design features allow you to install the product with ease and save on maintenance costs.
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The Benefits of using Kaori’s Refrigerated Air Dryer BPHE
  1. Multi-functional Compact Unit:  Simplified design consolidates a pre-cooler, evaporator and separator in a single high-integrity heat exchanger.
  2. Saves Energy:  Users reduce system operating costs as compressors work less because heat transfer performance is 3-5 times higher compared to traditional shell and tube type heat exchangers while also maintaining extremely low pressure drop (less than 0.2 bar).
  3. Saves time:  Three-in-one (air-to-air heat exchanger, air-water separator, refrigerant evaporator for air) design is smaller and easier for user to install compared to traditional heat exchangers used in air dryers.
  4. Hassle-Free:  Separator drains water out of the bottom of the unit, requiring no demister,eliminating clogging problems.
  5. Durable:  The combination of high quality corrosion resistant and copper brazed materials in junction with Kaori’s superior expertise in brazing technology makes for an extremely durable and reliable working unit.
  6. Environmentally Friendly: It’s reduced size and high efficiency requires less refrigerant to operate when compared to traditional air dryer designs.
  7. Flexible:  Product specifications can be made according to different needs, helping users improve heat transfer efficiency and functioning within their system.